Thursday, January 20, 2011

2011 Sleepers/Unsigned

With the basketball season around its midway point and the late signing period approaching, I wanted to bring some of the best "sleepers" in the Class of 2011 some publicity. All of these players deserve a chance to play college basketball at some level. Hopefully they will all find a place to play very soon!

Seth Small-Point Guard, Hamilton Heights
Seth is very strong for his size, however, at 5'8'' is still undersized. He handles the ball very well and can shoot the ball from deep. This season he is averaging 12 points a game while being the facilitator for Austin and Alex Etherington. He will play a key role in leading Heights deep into the tournament. D3/NAIA Prospect
Desmond Marks-Power Forward, Bloomington South
Very strong, big body. He is 6'6'' and probably weighs 260 pounds. However, he moves well, has a good outside touch, even knocking down a 3 in the game I watched. Also, he uses his body very well inside, very good rebounder and finishes in the post. Has a similar body type and style of play to Glen "Big Baby" Davis. D2/D3 Prospect
Logan Thomas-Point Guard, Monroe Central
Logan is having an amazing season. Averaging 25 points, 10 rebounds and almost 8 assists a game shows you that he is a complete player. He rebounds very well for his size, 6'2'', and has a high IQ on the court. Isn't the greatest athlete and needs to improve his outside shooting. I heard that he is #1 in his class. D3/NAIA Prospect
Connor Rich-Shooting Guard, Tipton
Rich is the best pure shooter I have seen this season. He has deep range and a quick release. Connor isn't very quick, but works hard off the ball to get open. Does most of his damage on the catch-and-shoot. D3/NAIA Prospect
Dustin Smith-Shooting Guard, Eastern Hancock
Great outside shooter with big time range. Dustin is averaging around 23 points per game. He has really improved his ball-handling this year and could play some point guard at the next level. At 6'2'' he is a little undersized to play off the ball, but moves well off screens and could make it work. D2/D3 Prospect
Jordan Hahn-Point Guard, New Castle
True floor general point guard. He isn't very big, 5'11'' and isn't very strong either. However, he is very smart with the ball and handles the ball well. His shot looks a little different, but he is a good outside shooter. If he improves his strength and quickness he would increase his potential a lot. D3/NAIA Prospect
Hamilton Thorne-Center, Bethany Christian
6'9'' back to the basket true center. Hamilton has very long arms which makes him hard to stop on the offensive end, and a good defender on the defensive end. Needs to improve his foot speed. Averaging 12 points and 9 rebounds a game. D3/NAIA Prospect
Jon Trawick-Small Forward, Richmond
Undersized for his position at only 6'3'', but makes up for it in strength. He finishes very well inside, and rebounds well for his size. Penetrates the defense off the dribble well, likes to attack from the baseline. Trawick has become a good mid-range shooter, but needs alot of work on his outside shot. D3/NAIA Prospect

I hope to see all of these guys playing college basketball next season. If you know of somebody who deserves to be mentioned on this list please email me at Thanks!


  1. Ryan Bollier from Leo needs to be on this list asap.

  2. Please send me some information on him and I will add him to the list! I haven't seen him play so let me know what type of player he is.

  3. Did Desmond Marks sign with anybody?

  4. Desmond Marks is going to Hanover! Looking forward to watching him play for the next few years! (I go to Hanover too)