Monday, February 21, 2011

NBA Monday

If any of you know me personally you know that I am one of the biggest NBA fans still left. I enjoy watching any regular season game, not just the playoffs, am a HUGE Boston Celtics fan, and just flat out love the game. The NBA All-Star Weekend is one of my favorite parts of the entire season. In the past I had written a separate NBA blog, but have recently been focusing more on this blog. So, I have decided to merge the 2 a little bit and have a weekly "NBA Monday!!!"

First off, this years Dunk Contest may have been one of the best ever. The fact that Serge Ibaka pulled of a dunk from the free-throw line and only got a 45 is ridiculous! Almost every year we see somebody attempt that dunk and each and every time they take off a foot inside the line. Even Dr. J and MJ took flight from inside the charity strip. However, Ibaka ACTUALLY DID IT!!! I still don't know why the announcers weren't making a bigger deal about this. Okay, enough of my rant on that subject.

Javale McGee deserved to win this contest. The dunk that he did with the two goals and two balls may have been the highest degree of difficulty dunk I have ever seen!!! Also, the dude gets so high that all of his dunks are cooler than they even seem. On his finally dunk his hand was so high above the rim that he could have easily thrown down on a 12 foot rim.

The Blake Griffen dunk over the car was overrated. He didn't really jump over the car, he jumped over the hood. I am not saying it was easy or that I could do it, just saying the fact that the car was there made the dunk no more difficult that it would have been by jumping from where he did without the car.

As for the game, Kobe Bryant played like he was 26 again. In the first 6 minutes alone I could tell it was going to be a special night. He started with the turn around jumper over D-Rose, then the awesome reverse dunk after one of the best first steps I have seen all year. Then, he toped it all of by draining a three while being tightly guarded. In those three possessions Kobe really showed his full range of talent.

Early in the game I was bashing Kevin Durant because he would not stop shooting, and missing. After putting up an embarrassing 6 spot in the 3-point contest, he started the evening off 0-4 from the field. However, he quickly stopped my flow of witty anti-Durrantula Tweets as he went off for 34.

One of my observations from last night was how good Amar'e looked. For one, he was playing hard, yes you read that correctly. He finished with 29 points, including a late 3-pointer to keep the East in the game. Also, I have decided that I have a slight man-crush on Russell Westbrook the dude is super fun to watch. His athleticism is just second-to-none, even in this glorified street ball game.

Around the 5:10 mark in the 4th quarter LeBron decided he wanted the East to come back. So, he finished off his triple-double, one possession after Kobe pulled down his 10th rebound to get his dub-dub. Bron Bron completely carried the East down the stretch finishing with 29/12/10, joining MJ as the only players to have a triple-double in the All-Star game.

However, it was still Kobe's night as he finished with 37 points and 14 rebounds while leading the West to a surprising 148-143 victory in front of the hometown fans. He tied Bob Pettit by earning his 4th All-Star Game MVP.

This was a great game to cap off another great All-Star weekend. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of this season play out!! If you have any comments please contact me at!

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