Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Class of 2011 Rankings (26-50)

26. Eric Stutz: 6'8'' Power Forward, Castle H.S.
Eastern Kentucky University
He has a great motor and is a great rebounder. Overall, Stutz has a very solid game. He doesn't have any one skill which stands out, but is just a good player. Needs to improve his strength to be more of a contributor at EKU.
27. Spencer Turner: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Bloomington South H.S.
Belmont College
Turner is an elite shooter, in my opinion probably one of the best pure shooters in the state. He is not the quickest player which will be a drawback at the next level, however he is very smart and strong. His shooting ability will fit in very well at Belmont.
28. Jalen Packer: 6'2'' Point Guard, Princeton Community H.S.
Packer is a long, lefty, pass-first ball handler. He does everything you want your point guard to do. He finishes well around the basket, and penetrates a defense with ease. If he adds more of a outside game to go along with his excellent ball handling and passing he could be a D1 prospect.
29. Greg Dickey: 5'11'' Point Guard, Tipton H.S.
University of St. Francis
He is a true "floor general" point guard. Good ball handling skills. He is strong for his size, and can really shoot it from deep. Dickey has a great skill set, should be a good player for powerhouse St. Francis.
30. Matthew Schauss: 6'4'' Shooting Guard, Centerville H.S.
Bethel College
For a guard, Schauss has good size which makes him a match up problem for many defenders. In high school he runs the point so he has good experience handling the ball which will help at the college level. He is great at getting to the rim and finishing, and also has a very good mid-range game. He needs to improve his outside shooting.
31. Jared Smoot: 6'9'' Center, Crown Point H.S.
Smoot is very long and strong. He is a very good rebounder, but needs to attack the boards with more aggression if he wants to keep getting those rebounds at the D1 level. Also needs to develop more of an offensive post game.
32. Chier Ajou: 7'1'' Center, Culver Military Academy H.S.
New Mexico
Ajou is certainly the most intriguing prospect in the state of Indiana. At 7'1'' he was sure to get his shot to play college basketball. Right now, he is very, very raw, but he can block shots and disrupt many others. He is a work in progress that could turn into a solid player.
33. Evan Maschmeyer: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Jeffersonville H.S.
Maschmeyer is a very good shooter from the outside. However, he can also take the ball to the basket and does a good job of finishing there as well. Could be a solid pick up for a Divison II team.
34. Chris Whitehead: 5'9'' Point Guard, New Albany H.S.
He is a very good ball handler and attacks the rim well for his size. Whitehead's main problem is that he is only 5'9''. Good pick up for a small college that likes to get up and down the court.
35. Alex Peterson: 6'11'' Center, Carmel H.S.
Huntington College
Anytime you have a 6'11'' frame you are going to be given plenty of opportunities as a basketball player. Peterson is a good shot blocker and rebounder, very disruptive on the defensive side of the floor. Right now he is very thin and needs to add lots of weight to become dominate down low. Would be worth a look for any small Division I program.
36. Spencer Comer: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Rushville H.S.
University of St. Francis
Comer is very athletic. He uses his strength and quickness very well on the defensive end. He is a very good outside shooter, but needs to improve his ball handling so he can attack the basket and create more shots for himself.
37. Silas Sims: 6'5" Point Guard, Hauser H.S.
Manchester College
The tall, long point guard lead Hauser to the Regional Championship game this season. Sims is a good scorer, and uses his size well to create mis-matches with smaller defenders. He should be a nice addition to Manchester's squad.
38. Connor Rich: 6'4'' Shooting Guard, Tipton H.S.
Depauw University
Rich is the one of the best pure shooters in the state. He works very hard off the ball, running off screens and changing directions. He isn't very athletic and doesn't create off the dribble very well, but his deep range and shooting ability make him a solid pick up for Depauw.
39. Jon Trawick: 6'3'' Small Forward, Richmond H.S.
Jon is one of the strongest players his size that I have seen. This makes him a big time match up problem for other guards. He needs to really work on his shooting, but it is improving. He is a beast down low, finishes very well. He is a "tweener", if his shot continues to improve he would take his game to the next level. Most likely will be heading to Prep School.
40. Ricky Carbajal: 6'6'' Power Forward, Munster H.S.
Quincy University
He does not have the best offensive skill set, but is still able to be a big force in games because of his work ethic and above average athletic ability. He scorers a lot of points off of offensive rebounds. To take his game to the next level he needs to become more of an offensive threat.
41. Brandon Clark: 6'0'' Point Guard, Merrillville H.S.
Santa Clara
Clark is an above-average shooter and is a good defender. Much like Robinson though, he tends to try to create when there is no play to be made. If he can harness his abilities and learn to play along with the flow of the game he will be a great pick up for Santa Clara.
42. Zach Miller: 6'2'' Shooting Guard, Connersville H.S.
Bethel College
Miller is a a great shooter and moves very well off the ball. I like the way he works to get open and uses screens to create spacing. He is a pretty good ball handler which makes him more versatile, but is most comfortable playing off the ball.
43. Nyree Robinson: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Carmel H.S.
Robinson is a great athlete which allows him to get to the rim where he is a very good finisher. On the down side, he has a tendency to force the action. If he could accept a role, he could be a solid D2 or D3 players.
44. Brandon Grubl: 6'3" Point Guard, Morgan Township H.S.
Elmhurst College
The do-it-all guard averaged 22.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. Grubl is a true floor general and I expect him to have a very good career at Elmhurst.
45. Evan Blackmon: 5'11'' Point Guard, Bishop Luers H.S.
Danville Area Community College
Good athlete, very strong. Blackmon does a very good job of penetrating the defense and finding an open man on the perimeter, or finishing himself. He needs to work on his shooting ability to make his game more well-rounded.
46. Alex Hutson: 6'1'' Point Guard, Seeger H.S.
Hutson is a top level shooter with serious range. All-around he can really fill it up. Needs to improve ball-handling if he wants to play the point in college, he may be better off playing off the ball. Solid D3 prospect.
47. Chandler Thomas: 6'5'' Small Forward, Cathedral H.S.
He has been working hard to become a true small forward, but is really still more comfortable in the post. Thomas has become a decent shooter, but still needs work on his ball handling to become a better prospect. Probably a NAIA player at this time.
48. Brandon Smith: 5'11'' Point Guard, Cathedral H.S.
Lynn College
Smith is a scoring point guard. He is strong for his size which allows him to finish well inside despite being undersized.
49. Rontray Chavis: 6'5'' Small Forward, Princeton Community H.S.
Cincinnati State
His main problem is that he is a power forward stuck in a small forwards body. He has a better perimeter skill set than his brother, but is still a tweener. He is a good athlete and very strong, but needs to improve his ball handling and shooting ability to become a true small forward.
50. Jordan Hahn: 5'11'' Point Guard, New Castle H.S.
Huntington College
Hahn is a very good outside shooter. Great leader, a "floor general" point guard. He is not overly athletic which makes it tough for him to get around better defenders, but he is very smart and crafty.

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