Monday, May 23, 2011

Class of 2013 Rankings

Here is an updated look at the Class of 2013. It may not have the star power that the classes of 2012 and 2014 have, but there are still a lot of Division I prospects. Indiana, Purdue, and Michigan commits make up 6 of the top 10.

Updated August 25, 2011

1. Zak Irvin: 6'5'' Shooting Guard, Hamilton Southeastern H.S.
Committed: University of Michigan
Zak has a great overall skill set, very good mid-range game and can shoot it from the outside as well. He is a great athlete and has good length. Handles the ball well which lets him play a type of "point forward" position. He has had as good of a July as just about anybody in the country in my opinion, I really enjoyed watching him play.
2. Bryson Scott: 6'0'' Point Guard, Northrop H.S.
Committed: Purdue University
A very aggressive, scoring point guard. He is a great athlete who doesn't mind getting into the paint and going up against the big guys down low, he has good strength which allows him to finish against bigger defenders. One of the best defenders in the class. He is a streaky shooter from 3-point range, that would be his main area that he must work on. Great at attacking off the dribble.
3. V.J. Beachem: 6'6'' Small Forward, New Haven H.S.
Offers From: Purdue, Butler, Notre Dame
Interest From: Indiana, Cincinnati, Xavier, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Stanford, Tennessee, Florida
Beachem is a long and very skilled perimeter player. He has great all-around offensive ability. He can shoot the ball as well as create for himself off the dribble. I really like the diversity of his offensive game. He will need to get stronger and focus on making himself more of a lock-down defender on the defensive end, however his overall talent makes him deserving of one of the top spots in the 2013 Class. His ceiling is probably the highest out of any of these prospects.
4. Collin Hartman: 6'6'' Small Forward, Cathedral H.S.
Committed: Indiana University
Collin has the prototypical body type to play the 3 spot. He is a very good outside shooter and rebounds the ball well. Also, he handles the ball well and can distribute well enough that he could even play the 2 in college. I watched him play quite a few times this summer, both at the Adidas Invitational and Best of the Midwest. I was very impressed with how well he shot the ball, and with the range he displayed. He was hitting 3's out to 25 feet. He has been getting physically stronger, but will need to continue working hard in the weight room to take his game to the next level.
5. Demetrius Jackson: 6'1'' Point Guard, Mishawaka Marion H.S.
Offers From: Michigan, Xavier
Interest From: Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame, Michigan State
Jackson is quick and athletic, can really break down the defense off the dribble. He is very smart on the court and distributes the ball well, good floor general. He will need to continue improving his shooting ability to really take his game to the next level, but showed some signs of improvement when I saw him at the Kentucky Hoop Fest this summer.
6. Devin Davis: 6'6'' Small Forward, Warren Central H.S.
Committed: Indiana University
Long and very athletic wing player. He handles the ball well for his size and likes to attack the rim off the dribble. Great rebounder, especially on the offensive glass. Devin plays the game with a great motor, never stops working. The overall tools are there for him to be a big time star at IU, but he must improve his jump shooting and become more of an offensive threat to really become an all-around player.
7. Basil Smotherman: 6'6'' Small Forward, Heritage Christian H.S.
Committed: Purdue University
Great competitor, attacks the glass and gets rebounds at both ends of the court. The lefty has a nice shooting stroke and likes to play around the perimeter. He showcased a could mid-range game at the Best of the Midwest, knocking down some nice pull-ups off the dribble.
8. Zavier Turner: 5'8'' Point Guard, Pike H.S.
Offers From: Evansville, Georgia State, St. Louis, Loyola
Considering: Indiana State
Great floor general, elite quickness and seems to always find the open teammate. Sure, he is small, but his quickness and strength allow him to still be effective against taller defenders. I have really feel in love with watching Zavier play this summer, he is very fun to watch and he is just a great player. Because of his lack of size, he may end up a the mid-major level, but he is the type of player that could take over March Madness and lead a "cinderella" team.
9. Leo Svete: 6'4'' Shooting Guard, Penn H.S.
Offers From: Drake, Western Michigan, Bucknell, Loyola
Interest From: Wake Forest, Florida, NC State, BYU, Virginia Tech, Ball State, Kent State, Notre Dame
He is a versatile offensive player who could play the 1-3 spots. He is a great jump shooter, very nice mid-range game. He is improving his game going to the rim, but needs to keep working in that area to take his game to another level. Leo is a very hard worker and I expect him to have a big rest of the month which could bring in a couple more offers.
10. Austin Hatch: 6'6'' Shooting Guard, Canterbury H.S.
Committed: University of Michigan
Thoughts and prayers are with this young man right now after the horrific tragedy that recently occurred. A little under the radar around the state, Austin is a very good outside shooter and uses his size and strength to be a match-up problem for defenses. He rebounds very well from the guard spot. As a true shooting guard, you have to like his size. We all hope that Austin can achieve a full recovery so we can watch him play basketball yet again. With the drive and determination of this kid I am sure that anything is possible.
11. Brenton Scott: 6'0'' Point Guard, Northrop H.S.
Offers From: IPFW, Ohio, Indiana State, Ball State
Interest From: Butler, Purdue, Xavier, Illinois
Very solid overall point guard. He is a little more of a distributor than his brother Bryson. He is a very good 3 point shooter and a great defender. Not as big of a recruit as his brother, but still will be a very good mid-major point guard.
12. Jaylon Brown: 5'11'' Point Guard, Fishers H.S.
Offers From: American, Ohio, Toledo, Evansville
Interest From: Butler
Jaylon has really jumped onto the scene after this summer. He is very explosive and quick, his relatively small size does not hold him back. I expect he will have a strong junior campaign this winter for Fishers.
13. Mo Evans: 6'0'' Point Guard, Cathedral H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: IUPUI, Wright State, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, Ball State, Evansville, IPFW, Loyola
I had not seen him until this July, and Mo quickly became one of my favorite players to watch after seeing him at the Adidas Invitational and Best of the Midwest. He is the best passer in the state in my opinion, and also a great ball handler. He is very quick and runs the transition game as well as anyone. Not a great shooter, but gets his teammates lots of easy baskets.
14. Nick Davidson: 6'4'' Shooting Guard, Andrean H.S.
Committed: Valparaiso University
One of the best shooters in the state, especially off the catch. He gets to the foul line a lot, and is a great free throw shooter. He isn't a great defender, needs to work on getting a little quicker. Still, Nick's offensive shooting ability alone makes him a good prospect.
15. Richard Freeman: 6'7'' Power Forward, Lawrence Central H.S.
Offers From: IPFW
Interest From: Butler, Central Michigan, Fordham, Iowa
Very long, athletic big man. He has a very good mid-range game for his size, but will need to develop more of a back to the basket game in order to become more well rounded. Right now he is more of a face up guy, a solid mid-major prospect. I saw him at both the Adidas Invitational and Best of the Midwest, looked good rebounding the ball and showed that he can handle it a little bit as well. His recruiting could really jump up with a good end to the summer.
16. Mike Crawford: 6'5'' Small Forward, Tipton H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Wright State, Gardner-Webb, Loyola, Wichita State
He handles the ball well for his size, and also has a very good inside game. Good outside shooter as well. All-around offensive threat. Have really enjoyed watching him play this month and he is a guy that will continue to get on the radar screen of some bigger colleges. Offers should start coming pretty soon.
17. Darryl Baker: 6'1'' Shooting Guard, Southport H.S.
Offers From: Vanderbilt
Interest From: Indiana, Louisville, Purdue, Xavier
Darryl is a very good overall athlete who likes to attack the basket. His strength allows him to finish through contact when he gets into the paint. He needs to improve his outside shooting consistency. I have seen a lot of him over the course of this summer and he seems to disappear offensively at times. He is good enough off the dribble to take over and I would like to see him do that more often. Eligibility concerns continue to swirl after his transfer to Southport.
18. Franko House: 6'5'' Small Forward, Concord H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: IUPUI
Very versatile big guy who has good athleticism for his size. He shoots the ball well from the outside and can even bring the ball up the court if needed. Any program who needs a guy who can play the 3-5 spots at a high level, Franko House is your guy.
19. Alex Etherington: 6'6'' Small Forward, Hamilton Heights H.S.
Offers From: IPFW
Interest From: Ball State, Central Michigan, Western Michigan
He is a long and athletic wing with the prototypical body type to play the 3 spot. He doesn't mind to slash to the basket and score down low, and is also a pretty solid rebounder. He doesn't shoot it quite as well as his brother yet, but once he does he could really shoot up the rankings. Alex should have a huge high school season now that he will be the #1 option.
20. Markese McGuire: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Elkhart Memorial H.S.
Offers From: Evansville, Mercer, Northern Illinois
Interest From: Ohio
Handles the ball well enough that he could play the point as well as the 2-guard. He is pretty strong and can finish through contact when attacking the basket. Pretty good outside shooter too. I think he would be a very good low to mid-major player.
21. Blake Simmons: 6'4'' Small Forward, Castle H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: Evansville, Illinois
Simmons is an all-around offensive player who plays with a high basketball IQ (son of Evansville's Head Coach Marty Simmons). He shot the ball very well from 3-point range when I saw him at Best of the Midwest. Rebounds pretty well too.
22. Joe Fagan: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Chatard H.S.
Offers From: Duquesne
Interest From: Ball State, Wright State, Bowling Green, Bucknell, IUPUI, IPFW, Gardner-Webb
Very good outside shooter. He has a tendency to disappear for periods of time, so he mainly just needs to be a little more aggressive. Works hard on the court. He holds one DI offer right now, and I could see him getting lots of Division II interest.
23. Clay Yeo: 6'5'' Small Forward, Triton H.S.
Committed: Valparaiso University
For as thin as Clay is, he finishes well around the rim and has a pretty solid mid-range game. Right now he gets most of his points from flashing in the middle or slashing along the baseline, but if he can develop an outside game he could really become tough to stop.
24. David Hill: 5'11'' Point Guard, Cathedral H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: Evansville
Solid all-around point guard. Great at distributing the ball and limits turnovers. He doesn't look to score much for himself, and probably needs to become a little more aggressive if he wants to pick up more Division I interest.
25. Milos Kostic: 6'8'' Power Forward, Bishop Noll H.S.
Committed: Northwestern University
Milos surprised some people when he announced his commitment last winter. He was a bit unknown around the state, and is still a little bit of a mysterious. After a relatively quite sophomore season, I expect he may break out this year as he will be the go-to-guy at Bishop Noll.
26. Trey Patterson: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Pike H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From:
Solid ball handler, looks to penetrate off the dribble and get to the rim. He is strong and can finish through contact inside. I like his aggressiveness on the offensive end, and can be a good defender as well. Good low Division I or Division II prospect.
27. John McCloud: 6'6'' Power Forward, Lawrence North H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From: IPFW, James Madison, Kent State, Miami Ohio, Western Michigan, Central Michigan
I have seen quite a bit of John at both the Adidas Invitational and Best of the Midwest. He runs the floor well and gets quite a few easy buckets in transition. He has good hands and finishes well around the rim. Good rebounder on both ends of the court. Can be a solid low-DI guy.
28. LaBradford Sebree: 6'3'' Small Forward, Kokomo H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From:
I like the strength of this athletic wing player. He is very strong going to the basket off the dribble and can finish through lots of contact. As he continues to work on his outside shooting he will become even harder to stop on the offensive end. I see him as a DII prospect at this time, but he could probably play low-Division I as well.
29. Hulian Terrell: 6'6'' Center, Lawrence North H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From:
Good length. He is a good area rebounder and can block some shots defensively. Hulian has good hands in the post and finishes well around the basket. Probably a Division II guy at this time.
30. Darius Latham: 6'5'' Power Forward, North Central H.S.
Offers From:
Interest From:
Darius is a pretty high level football recruit, but he has not ruled out playing basketball at the college level. He moves well for as big as he is, and has good hands and very good footwork. Would be a very solid Division II player.

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