Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Updated ESPN Rankings

ESPN released their updated prospect rankings today. They give the Top 100 in the Class of 2012, the Super 60 for the 2013 Class, and the Terrific 25 for 2014. Overall, Indiana was very well represented on these 3 lists, especially in the Class of 2012. We placed 9 current Indiana high school basketball players in the Top 100, 12 if you count guys who now play at other schools. Here is how the rankings break down with regard to Indiana guys.

Class of 2012
#4 Mitch McGary
#16 Gary Harris
#32 D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera
#34 Yogi Ferrell
#41 Jeremy Hollowell
#49 Hanner Perea
#60 Glenn Robinson III
#63 A.J. Hammons
#72 Rapheal Davis
#81 Kellen Dunham
#86 Ron Patterson
#89 Ronnie Johnson

I like these rankings more than the list that Rivals came out with earlier this year. Rivals had Hanner Perea ranked at #15, ahead of everyone besides McGary, that is simply too high. I think that ESPN pretty much go the order of the Indiana guys right now, expect I think Ron Patterson should probably be higher, maybe in the 60's. I know he has been sliding down everyone's rankings lately, but I still like the way he plays the game. That is really the only change that I would have made to these rankings. No matter what, placing 12 players in the Top 100 shows that Indiana may well have the deepest 2012 class in the nation.

As for the class of 2013, Indiana only got 1 prospect in the Super 60 with Purdue recruit Bryson Scott coming at #53. While I said that ESPN did a great job with the 2012 rankings, I think they missed on the Indiana guys for 2013. I don't see how V.J. Beachem is not the #1 player in the class in Indiana, and Rivals had him at #42, with Scott at #45. I realize that our 2013 class is not nearly as deep as 2012, so those would probably be the only two that I would put in the Super 60, but I just don't see how they could put Scott ahead of Beachem.

In the Terrific 25 Indiana put 3 prospects on the list. Always nice to see two of the Top 10 be from the Hoosier State!

#5 Trey Lyles
#10 Jaquan Lyle
#24 James Blackmon Jr.

Overall, I think ESPN did a very good job with the rankings, the only complaint I have is with V.J. Beachem not being a part of the Super 60. However, Indiana had a very good showing on all of the rankings and the future looks bright for our basketball rich state.

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