Monday, August 22, 2011

Class of 2015 Players to Watch

Now that the graduating class of 2015 has entered the halls of their respective high schools for the first time, it is time for the Indiana Recruiting Guide to release a list of names for you to keep your eye on. I will not rank players in this class until after their freshman season so as to see how they handle the high school game. Obviously it is still early in these kid's careers so it can be put a finger on what type of player they will become. Here is a look at some of the top Freshman that I have seen or heard about.

Jalen Coleman: 6'2'' Point Guard, Cathedral H.S.
Chandler White: 6'2'' Shooting Guard, Fort Wayne Carroll H.S.
K.J. Walton: 6'2'' Shooting Guard, Brownsburg H.S.
Sean McGee: 5'10'' Point Guard, Fort Wayne Northside H.S.
Matt Holba: 6'6'' Small Forward, Chesterton H.S.
Brennan Gillis: 6'6'' Power Forward, Ben Davis H.S.
Brandon Hardesty: 6'6'' Forward, Franklin Community H.S.
Michael Benkert: 6'4'' Small Forward Center Grove H.S.
Hyron Edwards: 5'10'' Point Guard, East Chicago Central H.S.
Chris Nunn: 5'8'' Point Guard, Liberty Christian H.S.
Michael Tucker: 5'8''Point Guard, Eastbrook H.S.
Rashaan Jackson: 6'2'' Small Guard, Warsaw H.S.
John Jager: 5'9" Point Guard, Bloomington South H.S.
Everitt Duncan: 6'3'' Small Forward, Evansville Harrison H.S.
Stanley Duncan: 6'3" Small Forward, Evansville Harrison H.S.
Ryan Fazekas: 6'5" Power Forward, Marquette Catholic H.S.
Bronson Kessinger : 6'5" Power Forward, Corydon Central H.S.
Ken Davis: 5'9'' Point Guard, Bloomington North H.S.
Joey Morlan: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Blackhawk Christian H.S.
Josh Speidel: 6'6'' Power Forward, Columbus North H.S.
Caleb Landrum: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Huntington North H.S.

Please let me know if there are names that need to be added to this list. I focused all my attention on Class 2012, 2013, and 2014 this summer so I have not seen many 2015 guys yet. You can contact me at

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