Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adidas Super 64-Day 1

I have been following the Vegas tournament online from Tennessee where I am visiting my grandparents and playing lots of golf. However, it has been confusing because of the time distance between down here, my home in Indiana, and Vegas. The question down here has become, "well what time is it in VEGAS!?" The first round of games will be starting in a couple hours today so I wanted to get a quick recap of the Indiana scores from yesterday.

Indiana Elite-Team Indiana had a rough start to their tournament as they dropped both games yesterday. Luckily they are in one of the "Super Pools" so no matter what their record is in pool play they will advance to the Championship Bracket.

Double Pump Elite 53 Indiana Elite-Team Indiana 50
Eric Gordon Central Stars 75 KC Pump N Run 71
Dream Vision 17U 80 Indiana Elite-Team Indiana 65

The Indiana teams were involved in lots of close games in the 2013 division, but luckily they came out on top in 3 of the 4 games. Both of these teams are in Super Pools as well.

Eric Gordon All Stars 56 Wisconsin Playground Warriors 53
Indiana Elite Stars 55 KC Pump N Run 54
Eric Gordon All Stars 63 New Heights NYC 51
Atlanta Celtics 16U 64 Indiana Elite Stars 62


Indiana Elite One 69 Urban DFW Elite 48
Eric Gordon All Stars 74 Colorado Hawks 64
Indiana Elite Hoopmatics 80 Elite Nation 58

Today teams will continue pool play and seeds will be decided for the tournament play which begins tomorrow. For updates throughout the day follow me on Twitter @INrecruitguide.

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