Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kentucky Hoop Fest-Day 2

I was only in attendance for a short time today because I had to be back home in the late afternoon for dinner with some friends and family. However, I did have time to check out a few games over at the Basketball Academy in Louisville, its a really neat complex.

There were not too many players that stood out to me this morning as college prospects, however I was watching Sophomores-to-be, so I did store away a few names to check back with as they develop. One team that I did get a chance to see was Team Blaze which features talented guards Saikou Jallow and Grant Sims. Both are 6'2'' and play for Bloomington North. I think that they will both end up being Division I players. Right now, Sims is ahead of Jallow just because he is a better outside shooter and a little more athletic. However, I like the length of Saikou and think that he may have the most long term potential. Both guys rebound well from the guard spot and have very good court vision and passing ability. They are both kids to keep an eye on in the coming years. Other than those two prospects, I watched MBA 2014-Kreiger and Team Southern Indiana Red 2014. Neither of these teams had prospects at this time, but since they are young I have a few names I want to track. A couple kids on Team Southern Indiana White 2014 and Southwest Extreme made my "watch list."

I have enjoyed my last few days at the Adidas Invitational and the Kentucky Hoop Fest. Both are very good events with lots of talent. Tomorrow I will be at Ben Davis High School for the Top 100 workout. Follow me on Twitter @INrecruitguide for updates!

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