Monday, October 17, 2011

10/16 Metro Fall League Top Performers

Last evening was my first chance to get over to Noblesville for the Metro Fall League, and overall I was impressed by the talent level. Here is a look at the players that I was most impressed with.

Baker vs. Reamer

K.J. Walton: 6'3'' Point Guard, Brownsburg H.S. (2015)
Walton is one of the best 2015 prospects in the state. On the court he looks and plays as if he were 2 or 3 years older than everyone else. He has a great first step and is very quick with the ball in his hands. Finishes well around the rim, also has a great pull-up jumper from mid-range.

Joey Morlan: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Blackhawk Christian H.S. (2015)
I am not going to act like I have seen everyone in the 2015 class, but if Morlan is not one of the 3 best pure shooters in the class I would be shocked. He was 5/5 on 3's in the 1st half, ended up just missing 1 in the entire game. He isn't a great athlete at this point and will need to work on his ball handling, but his shooting ability makes him a player to watch.

Other names to remember...
Darrian Ringo: 5'9'' Point Guard, Brownsburg H.S. (2015)
Bronson Kessinger: 6'6'' Small Forward, Corydon Central H.S. (2015)

Hawkins vs. Ferrell

The two biggest name prospects, Ron Patterson and Yogi Ferrell were absent from this game.

Cole Murray: 6'7'' Small Forward, Delphi H.S. (2013)
I really like his size and length. Murray is active on the offensive glass and can also shoot the ball from 3-point range. Nice combination of skills on the offensive end.

Ryan Weber: 6'7'' Small Forward, Roncalli H.S. (2012) Youngstown State
Great size and strength for a wing player. Shoots the ball very well from the outside. Great rebounder. Causes match-up problems for defenses. I think he should have a big senior year this winter at Roncalli.

Other names to remember...
Eric Davidson: 5'10'' Point Guard, Hamilton Southeastern H.S. (2014)
Paul Furlin: 6'0'' Point Guard, Hamilton Southeastern H.S. (2013)

Suttner vs. Andershock

Jaylon Brown: 6'0'' Point Guard, Fishers H.S. (2013)
Strong guard with a great pull-up jumper off the dribble. He is very quick with the ball and elevates off the floor quickly which allows him to get shots off over taller defenders. Needs to improve his outside shooting, but it is getting better.

Greg Gardner: 6'5'' Point Guard, Bishop Chatard H.S. (2012) Alabama-Huntsville
Great size for a point guard. Shoots the ball well from the inside and has the ability to post up smaller defenders. Great passer from the high and low post.

Other names to remember...
Cam Denney: 6'6'' Small Forward, Bedford North Lawrence H.S. (2013)
Michael Hackney: 6'0'' Point Guard, Bishop Chatard H.S. (2014)
Kortland Townsend: 5'10'' Point Guard, Fishers H.S. (2014)
Ben Gardner: 6'0'' Point Guard, Carmel H.S. (2012)

Wilkerson vs. Ferrell

Players from Team Ferrell were listed earlier.

Jared Drew: 6'6'' Small Forward, Cathedral H.S. (2012) St. Louis
Probably the most impressive performance I saw yesterday. Drew can really do it all. He shot the ball well from outside, grabbed lots of rebounds on both ends of the court, and showcased his ball handling ability by taking a few rebounds coast to coast and finishing with big dunks. Great athlete who should have a big senior season.

Darryl Baker: 6'3'' Shooting Guard, Southport H.S. (2013)
I am mentioning him not so much for how impressive he was, but because I am waiting for him to show me something. I love his physical makeup, he is a very strong and athletic kid. However, he seems to go back and forth between being too passive and too aggressive. Darryl can disappear for extended periods of time, then other times he will grab a rebound and push the ball up the court only to miss a off-balance layup. He is still a nice prospect, but I am waiting for him to put it all together.

Other names to remember...
David Hill: 6'0'' Point Guard, Cathedral H.S. (2013)
Kaleb Ferrell: 6'0'' Point Guard, Perry Meridian H.S. (2015)

Baumgart vs. Gentry

D.J. Balentine: 6'1'' Point Guard, Kokomo (2012) Evansville
Okay, Jared Drew may have share to award for most impressive performance with Mr. Balentine. As soon as the game started D.J. drained 3 pull-up 3-pointers in transition. His outside shooting off the dribble while running the fast break is a great weapon for him. I like his strength and he has good court vision. Poised for another big season.

Daniel Purvlicis: 6'7'' Power Forward, Noblesville H.S. (2012)
Good athlete for his size. Shoots the ball well from mid-range and has a very nice skill set in the post. Quick feet, and showcased some good back to the basket moves. Very solid un-committed big guy.

Andrew Dakich: 6'1'' Point Guard, Zionsville H.S. (2013)
Keeps looking better and better every time I see him play. First off, he is a very smart basketball player and is a good leader on the court. Andrew has great court vision and is a very good passer. Finishes lay-ups around the basket after some nice drives too. If he was a bit quicker, taller, and had an outside shot, he could be a big-time player.

Other names to watch...
LaBradford Sebree: 6'2'' Shooting Guard, Kokomo H.S. (2013)
Eric Miller : 6'7'' Small Forward, Carroll H.S. (2013)
Alex Etherington: 6'7'' Small Forward, Hamilton Heights H.S. (2013)

I heard that the last game of the day featuring Eron Harris and Ron Patterson was a great show. I was watching another court, but I guess they were having a nice back and forth battle with Eron finishing with 29 points and Ron scoring 21.

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