Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thoughts on Hoosier Basketball Magazine

First off all, the Hoosier Basketball Magazine is a great publication, and I think that they do a great job with everything. As far as East Central Indiana is concerned, Neil Beshears was named First Team All-State as well as being featured on the side-bar of the cover. Jon Trawick was named to the Second Team, Zach Appolos was Third, Chandler Miller and Jon Thompson were Fourth. (I believe I am missing somebody from Connersville but I do not have the book with me at the moment.) For the most part I think that they got the All-State teams right. Personally, I think that Trawick deserved first team honors, but there is nobody who I would really want to take off of that team. I am glad to see that the Magazine has begun to factor in some AAU performances and just raw potential when making the All-State teams. For example, A.J. Hammons from Carmel was named First Team, however he only average about 5 points last season. Of course, we expect big things from him this year. Overall, I think they did a great job with the magazine, and I always enjoy reading it.

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