Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Centerville moved to 3-1 with a win this Friday over Randolph Southern. Once again, Junior Matt Schauss lead C-Ville with 15 points. He showed improved decsion making after making some careless plays early this season. Blake Welch, a 6'4" guard/forward from Southern lead all scores with 18. He is a great mid-range player, very good catch and shoot. However, he never showed the ability to create a shot for himself off the dribble. He works very hard, just lacks the quickness to create off the dribble. I see him as a NAIA player. The Muncie Burris vs. Northeastern game Saturday did not feature any prospects at this point. Burris controled the game and had some nice players, but they are VERY undersized and I do not see any of them playing college ball at this point. Also, the Richmond game is not until NEXT Tuesay, that was me not knowing how to ready a calender.

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